I’ve been practicing law almost 20 years all over middle Tennessee.  Part of that time I was an assistant public defender working with people who didn’t always get the best Justice because they were poor, had mental health issues, substance abuse problems or some other issue that made them vulnerable.


Sometimes, when they went to court there were no programs available to help them get their lives back on track or they appeared before a Judge that didn’t recognize the importance of such programs and Jail was often the default answer.  This has always been a troubling reality in our judicial system.


Being a vulnerable individual and not having the ability to pay fines and court costs should not dictate the quality of justice a person receives.  


We need to help people get their lives back on track and I am committed as Judge to keep working in the community to tackle the root causes that push so many people into the Judicial System.

My parents were educators and graduates of Tennessee State University. They instilled in me the importance of public and community service.  After graduating from the University of Tennessee, I spent 20 years in the Air Force serving our Country where I achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  After  4 years at the Pentagon and three overseas assignments, I retired from service I came back to Nashville.


I feel this is the right time and that I have the temperament, skills and experience to handle the awesome responsibility of Judge with Fairness and a Commitment to Compassionate and Restorative Justice for All.

I am asking you to support me for Judge because the People of our City need leadership on the bench committed to doing all we can to make Victims  whole and ensuring we provide support to people who are paying their debt to society to help them be better citizens once they return back to our communities.

I am committed to be that type of servant leader for Nashville and I ask for your support and Vote on May 1, 2018.